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River Rock Lounge

River Rock Lounge

River Rock Cocktail Bar and Shisha Lounge

Experience Ayia Napa with us at River Rock!

River Rock Cocktail Bar and Shisha Lounge is a part of River Rock Hotel, offering a wide range of Deluxe Spirits, Luxury Champagnes, selection of Premium Signature Cocktails, Selected Wines, Eclectic Music, Fusion Cuisine, Exquisite service, and premium Shisha selection!

When you’re seeking stylish and contemporary neighborhood vibes in the center of the town, step into the world of adventure and soak up the atmosphere of a vibrant legendary bar!

River Rock Cocktail Bar and Shisha Lounge is centrally located right in the heart of Ayia Napa, just minutes’ walk from Central Square, making it one of the most popular places for not only locals but also visitors of the resort.

Premium Drinks

Creative cocktails served in style, garnished with glamour and one eye on Instagram.

Let us create an explosion of fantastic flavors! All drinks are made with real skill and passion for creativity.

Some of our signature cocktails stick to the old classics, while others experiment to create the most wildly original cocktails around the town.

What more of an excuse do you need? Sip on!

Shisha Selection

A Shisha journey enhanced in lingering flavor.

Explore our amazing range of premium shisha flavors. Crafted using only premium ingredients and packed in flavor-locking pouches of delicious blend.

Enhanced flavors through Our unique design and style in corporation with Amy Deluxe Germany & Our prolonged experience in the Hookah business.

Fusion Cuisine

Highly innovative modern eating.

Inspired by local and international tradition with Mediterranean notes, Our Chefs put together truly stunning dishes that make the most of color and ingredients, creating synergy between flavor, aestheticism and a sense of flow that runs throughout our food menus.

River Rock Hotel 4*

A trendy poolside bar and easy access to Ayia Napa’s beach and nightlife are some of the plus points of the River Rock Hotel.

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